Gardens and Landscapes

Exploring the gardens, landscapes and countryside we love

Secret gardens of grand Renaissance villas hidden behind high stone walls and iron gates to the traditional family potager, rolling mountain pastures of  wildflower meadows to the timeless countryside patchwork of vineyards, olive groves and cypress avenues ……inviting, insightful and stunning.

Wildflowers of Gargano

22 to 29 April 2020

7 night tour exploring one of Europe’s most outstanding flower areas. Breathtaking flowers, rare & unique species. High coastal walking with excellent views & characteristic seaside villages.  Fine Romanesque churches and pilgrim path to Monte Sant’ Angelo. 

From £2400 per person, twin share

Gardens of Tuscany

28 April to 5 May, and 15 to 22 September 2020

Often concealed behind high walls and iron gates: the landscape of the Tuscan garden, a small paradise where the spontaneity of nature is persuaded to embrace the order and symmetry of reason.  Your guides extensive knowledge and excellent contacts give you an extraordinary introduction to, and unlock the secrets of one of Italy’s most beautiful and celebrated region.

From £2800 per person, twin share

Gardens of Italy

19 to 26 May, and 22 to 29 September 2020

Exploring outstanding examples of the development of the Italian gardens and their diversity over the ages. Visiting three of the greatest centres of Italian gardens – Rome, Siena and Florence, including a particular favourite – La Foce.


From £2800 per person, twin share

Wildflowers of Umbria

31 May to 7 June 2020

7 night tour world-class walk exploring an astonishing variety and profusion of flowers, at their best. Carpets of wild narcissi and yellow tulips, rare and varied orchid hybrids, along trails through grassy meadows and well-worn woodland pathways, sheep, mule & farm tracks.

From £2900 per person, twin share