--- Veneto Cookery Course ---

The itinerary is carefully designed to create the right balance between cooking, eating, trips, tours and tastings, leaving room for relaxation and exploring the beautiful surroundings. Based in the foothills, an hour north of Venice, you will experience the tastes, sights, smells and culture of one of the most evocative parts of Italy.

Daily hands-on cooking courses using the stunning local and seasonal produce for which the area is renowned are complemented by a trip into Venice to experience the famous Rialto fish market, a visit to a 5th generation artisan mountain cheese producer and an in-depth tasting at the globally celebrated winery in val Dobbiadene.

You will sample some of the most exciting food in Northern Italy on the Venetian Island of Mazzorbo and taste regional cuisine at its very best at a family run oOsteria in the heartland of the Veneto.

Hands on cooking courses using the rich and diverse seasonal produce for which the area is renowned concentrate on creating regional Italian dishes such as faraona in salmis con salsa peverada (roast guineafowl with spicy pepper sauce) and seppie col nero alla Veneziana (cuttlefish stewed in its own ink), as well as exploring broader Italian cuisine. You will learn new techniques and become acquainted with an exciting array of ingredients over the week-long courses.

As well as cooking classes, you will experience some of what makes this iconic part of Italy so rich and varied in produce. A trip into magical Venice to the Rialto fish and fresh food markets to pick up the best seasonal produce to bring back for classes is followed by a private boat ride out to an island, where you will sample some of the most exquisite cuisine the peninsula has to offer. Hunters will take you into the Dolomites in search of seasonal truffles, as well as discovering mountain cheeses perfected by generations of family production, and you will go off the beaten track to dine out at local restaurants which serve wonderful regional delicacies for which the area is famous.

This is a wonderful holiday for anyone who is passionate about food, Italy and stunning surroundings - whether travelling alone, as a family or with friends, and set in a beautiful and historic backdrop, in which to immerse oneself in the culture and culinary splendour Italy.

Spring brings with it an abundance of delicate, vibrant and beautifully crisp fresh produce to be plucked and instantly savoured.
Uova e Asparagi all Bassanese (Asparagus Bassano Style), Scottadito (Baby Lamb Chops) and Colomba di Pasqua (traditional Easter cake) a few of the favourite dishes for this season.
Autumn - Using the deep-flavoured produce in abundance at this exhilarating time of year, create seasonal dishes such as guineafowl with chestnuts and roast pumpkin with sage and balsamic.

2018 course dates:
Sun 27th May - Sat 2nd June
Sun 3rd - Sat 9th June
Sun 10th - Sat 16th June
Sun 9th - Sat 15th September
Sun 16th - Sat 22nd September
Sun 23rd - Sat 29th September
Sun 30th September - Sat 6th October

From eur3400 per person, twin share


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