The Aegean & Mediterranean coast of Turkey & Greece is acknowledged to be one of the best cruising areas in Europe. With abundant sunshine, crystal clear waters, continuous blue skies, good anchorages and friendly people, this coast offers many diversities...and the climate also contributes to the cruising excellence with a season that can begin in May and end in October.

The Turkish “Gulet” is a traditionally designed Turkish motor-sailor with a heritage of the ancient boats that sailed across the Aegean and Mediterranean seas for thousands of years. Today the Gulet has evolved to provide a sophisticated level of holiday luxury with very comfortable interiors and professional charter Crew providing hotel services and meals.

Life on board usually involves 2-3 hours of cruising along the coastline or around an inland, based on your itinerary, with an excellent opportunity to relax with a refreshing drink and enjoy the view and incredible scenery. Once the anchor is dropped near one of the many islands or in a panoramic bay, you can start to enjoy the many activities.....on board snorkelling equipment enables you to explore a beautiful underwater world and fishing equipment will enable you to try your luck with catching dinner. Dinner on the aft deck is usually the highlight of the day; a long leisurely meal sitting under the stars, listening to the water lapping at the hull of the gulet, with menus that consist of a variety of delicious local fresh ingredients and Turkish specialties. The day is finished with a good night’s sleep on the sea to prepare for the new day’s activities.

Cruise itinerary options
With over 8,333km of coastline along four seas, Turkey is a treasure of coves, inlets, bays and beaches of which we have selected the best in our southwest Turkey cruising. Scenically beautiful, the Turkish coast offers an astonishingly rich legacy of archaeological ruins and historic sites. Your optimum cruise is downwind from Bodrum to Marmaris or Gocek for which you ideally need 10-14 days. This route showcases a nice blend of wide-open spaces, historical sites, towns, villages and restaurants.

7-day charters will be based around the main towns of Bodrum or Marmaris, taking you through the Gokova Gulf, Hisaronu Gulf or from Bodrum to Marmaris or vice versa.
A full 14 day charter/cruise your itinerary can include Bodrum with 7 Greek Islands & Rhodes.  


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